Arm Yourself

by Evolutia

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Arm Yourself, the full-length debut from California-based progressive piano rock band Evolutia.


released November 9, 2012

© 2012 Evolutia
Written and produced by Stephen Cameron and Andrew Barnhart
Stephen Cameron : piano, vocals, organ, synths, guitar, effects
Andrew Barnhart : bass guitar, vocals, microKORG, guitar, acoustic, percussion, drum programming, effects
Drums on "Objects Aside" and "Hunting Horizons" performed by Zack Kampf
Mixed and engineered by Stephen Cameron
Except tracks My Little Nightmare, What Warm Hands Coldheart, Arson Is An Art, and All I Can Do mixed by Steve Jambor
Art by Andrew Barnhart
Photography for the art on Sea of My Own Making and Get It Back by Serina Tsuda
Thank YOU for checking this album out. Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so we can thank you directly.
Thank you to Steve Jambor for some stellar mixes. Thank you to Kevin Stefanescu for performing this crazy drum work at our live shows. Thank you to Ray and Lori Smith, and Clear Lake Baptist Church for the use of their beautiful Kaui Grand Piano. Thank you to Zack Kampf. Thank you to Dann Chinn at for the support. Thank you to MusicRadar and Freesound.



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Evolutia Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Get It Back
lyrics by Stephen Cameron

To get it back we work a little harder
Try and try again, like the day is young

We've got the best thing going
Spent half a decade knowing it would be you and me
Set a fire disaster glowing
(It would be you and me)
We've got the best thing going
It's you. It's me

To get it back we work a little harder
Try and try again, like the day is young

Gotta get going,
Pack it up,
I've got the tickets
You've gotta stay away
It'll be you and me in the end
It's like the world is just beginning
(It would be you and me)
We've got the best thing going
It's you. It's me

We'll get it back, in the end
You'll come around
Track Name: Objects Aside
lyrics by Andrew Barnhart & Stephen Cameron

We take what we get
Climb to the top of it
Throwing objects aside
To the left and the right
'Til we see the light

It's useless, I won't give up

This darkness will never come
You'll see that we'll rest in peace
Your heart's buried in secrets
That you'll uncover eventually
Track Name: My Little Nightmare
lyrics by Stephen Cameron

I've been catchin' on
You couldn't stop me
I've been catchin' on
You're gonna die
Don't play around
You couldn't stop me

You've been sneakin' 'round
I heard you talkin'
Oh, look what I found
That's where you lost it
Don't mess around
You'll never stop me

I'm looking at you dead in the eye
So, forget about the truth
You're my little nightmare
Lie to me
Turn around and leave
You're my little nightmare

I've been movin' on
One more in the pocket
I've got steady hands
You've felt and seen
With you in the ground
He couldn't stop me

Despite my best intentions
This grave is still diggin' away
(Dig, dig, dig, dig!)
This lover makes you paralyzed
Black widow kisses and we're done
She's got a simple soul
A heart she stole
Now the blame assigns itself
And I know I shoulda left
Well enough alone

Forget about the truth,
My little nightmare
Track Name: Secret's Safe
lyrics by Stephen Cameron

You've got something that you're hiding
You've gotta make me believe
Showed you mine now show me yours
Stolen whispers are the key

Promise not to tell
There's nothing like a little pressure
You know I've kept it well
Lips are sealed forever

Your secret's safe with me
She's got no where to go

Divide and forget about the distance
Been holding on for way to long
Trying to get back the beats your heart skipped
Symbols and codes are the key
Track Name: Syster
lyrics by Stephen Cameron & Andrew Barnhart

Lips cracked from lack of rain
Burned skin breaks
Thank God we've got our summer shade
And thick skin remains
All these things I've been tryin' to explain
But you look the other way
For the fall out baby

It's hot as hell
But we don't feel anything
A storm's washed away her bed
Nowhere to rest our heads
Holding tight to all we've attained
We could discover there's so much hope could erase
But you look the other way
For the fall out baby

Miles away but you and I are the same
Across the sea but you've got to the heart of me
Despite the gap that we feel
A space within arms reach
Don't hang me out
Or disregard the help I need
I'm the one living in poverty
And you're the one free
Track Name: Black Star
lyrics by Stephen Cameron & Andrew Barnhart

Shut and listen up!

You're the counterfeit
A black star
Yes you are
Yes you are
Crawling back again
I think I'll just forget about you
Promise it's true
Cross my heart
Hope to die and go insane
I'm done with you
Done with you
All you do is cause me pain

Shut up and listen up
This how it is
Your luck is giving up
You're never gonna win
Start betting on me 'cause I'm the real thing

Not even started yet
See how far I've come
Getting by on a razor's edge
Feels like home
Full speed ahead
With failed emergency brakes
Running straight through an icy curve
Velocity, what have you done to me?
Philosophy, the jealous sister of reality
And it took some kind of getting used to
Track Name: The Ghost of Abe Lincoln
An excerpt from "Washington in Lincoln's Time (1895)" by Noah Brooks in which Abraham Lincoln sees a figure resembling himself; either his Doppelgänger, a ghost, or a simple optical illusion. You decide;

"It was just after my election in 1860, when the news had been coming in thick and fast all day and there had been a great "hurrah, boys," so that I was well tired out, and went home to rest, throwing myself down on a lounge in my chamber. Opposite where I lay was a bureau with a swinging glass upon it, and looking in that glass I saw myself reflected nearly at full length; but my face, I noticed had two separate and distinct images, the tip of the nose of one being about three inches from the tip of the other. I was a little bothered, perhaps startled, and got up and looked in the glass, but the illusion vanished. On lying down again, I saw it a second time, plainer, if possible, than before; and then I noticed that one of the faces was a little paler — say five shades — than the other. I got up, and the thing melted away, and I went off, and in the excitement of the hour forgot all about it — nearly, but not quite, for the thing would once in a while come up, and give me a little pang as if something uncomfortable had happened. When I went home again that night I told my wife about it, and a few days afterward I made the experiment again, when (with a laugh), sure enough! the thing came back again; but I never succeeded in bringing the ghost back after that, though I once tried very industriously to show it to my wife, who was somewhat worried about it. She thought it was a "sign" that I was to be elected to a second term of office, and that the paleness of one of the faces was an omen that I should not see life through the last term."
Track Name: Ain't Gonna Be A Slave
lyrics by Stephen Cameron & Andrew Barnhart

Stuck in a system
Ain't breakin' no rules
Trapped in a system
Got nothin' to lose
On and on it goes
Gotta break outta these chains
Won't do what I'm told
Ain't gonna be a slave

We're breakin' out
I'm already in the wind
Come on let's escape now
And do it again
I'm pushing away these broken chains
On this underground train

What've you been doing?

For the first time I'm breathing,
And fighting, surviving
Survivors constantly fighting
And fires surrounds them
Track Name: Hunting Horizons
lyrics by Stephen Cameron

At 1:45 this dust questions why
This drive's forever chasing me
In so many moments
I find that I cannot escape
From you again

Just don't abandon what you do
And I can't tell you where you'll go
But what if I fall
All of this could evaporate
And melt away

Hunting horizons
On and on for what could come
I'm searching every single one for you

I'm not waiting for the end

These 11 demands you won't understand
Caught in the middle once again
Took so long to realize I could not accept my fate
To be content to stay
Not content to fade away
Track Name: What Warm Hands, Coldheart
lyrics by Andrew Barnhart

Well fit, and bold like a zealot.
You've got issues but try not to show it.
Above us but not on a pulpit.
Your perch is regressively set.

Add up the days that have passed you,
The déjà vu and authority abuse.
Let in that push over point of view.
Someday and soon you will get;
Though known by the company kept,
The bed that you've made is the bed where you rest!

Gift wrap your pretentious heart-attack,
And let loose you obligatory laugh.
I'll teach my kids that this is not how to act,
But plenty like you will distract.

Good grief! I'm glad that we did meet.
Now I know how badly I don't wanna be,
Like you. That image in front of me,
The souvenir left when we cleave,
The card that I found in my sleeve.
You lie down with dogs and complain of the fleas!

Forget many a memory's residue
Pardon, my enemy, are you through?
Sorry's epitome
Isn't all that I'm due

Secure! Man the perimeter
Cut-off the unwelcome visitor!
Bounty or head of the prisoner
Isn't all that I'm due

Blank check and a facelift anesthetic
Isn't all that I'm due
New soul, marching drum-roll, and a fresh bowl
Isn't all that I'm due
Track Name: Arson Is An Art
lyrics by Stephen Cameron & Andrew Barnhart

The scenario starts with a spark
Fire's on it's way
"But if I were you"
So easy to say
Let's forget about caution

I'll be right back tomorrow

Fighting for love
We risk it all
It could tear our world apart
Pursuit of a dream
We risk it all
We're getting deeper and I'm about to drown

Gotta take some risks
Ya, I don't wanna be left alone, locked away
Arson is an art
Ya, I'm that catalyst you're gonna need
A spark for your gasoline
Let's forget about warning

You've got what I need
Shipwrecked and stranded
By my own decision
You've got what I need
Your body's a map, directions
Shipwrecked, abandoned
By my own decision
You've got what I need
Your body's a map, directions
Can you save me?
I'm about to drown
Track Name: All I Can Do
lyrics by Andrew Barnhart & Stephen Cameron

Colliquated red
An unnatural entry
Colliding here with my doubt
In accelerated recount
Past tense intentions and careful discretion
The pacifist took precedence
To maintain a firm and steady grip
On what remains
The one thing I control
What did you say?
What did you say?!

Water it down and commit your mind
Yet another reason to blur the line
Waiting here for the winds to change
You put the knife in your own back and twist it again
There was never a sin you let go friend
Waiting here for the winds to change

Arm myself with love and common sense
Apparently I'm no match for your resistance
Mistakes and missteps are cleared away
There's more to live for
Believe me
This could end
What are you afraid of?
You won't bend
If only you could give it up instead of giving in

Water it down and commit your mind
Yet another reason to blur the line
Waiting here for the winds to change
You put the knife in your own back and twist it again
There was never a sin you let go friend
Waiting here for the winds to change
It's all I can do...